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Eurobarre Members: 638 000

My Payout:
663,44 EUR



      Although the EuroBarre comes from France, it's popularity soon crossed borders of this country. Just after enormous success in it's homeland, the system won also neighbouring countries - Italy and Spain and continues expansion towards other Eurpean countries.
Unusual ease of operating, lack of any spyware modules and unbelivable referral level (100% for each) charaterizes the system.

      To start earning you just have to download and install a program - a kind of small advertising bar called surfbarem. The surfbar connects with the EuroBarre server and downloads advertises, which are later displayed in the window. The program does not send any data from our computer, does not use much system resources and does not slow down your internet connection. All of this is done quickly and imperceptibly even for a user of slow computer.

      While surfing the Internet the enabled surfbar adds points, which are converted to money every month. Value of points differs in each month that is why the same work may result in different earnings. The ratio is constantly increasing for last few months - for each 1000 points (1 - 2 days of surfing) you will get over 6 eurocents.
The system does not check our activity on a computer. The only limitation is automatic termination of the surfbar every 4 hours to eliminate situation when potential surfer is not in front of a computer. There are no requirements according to frequent clicking in the ads. There is also no time limit for using the plugin, so you can surf as much as you want!

      The referral system does not look great at first glance - only one level - unless you spot the amount of percent - as much as 100% for each referral!!! It means that you will get as much points/money as each of your direct referrals. It is a great opportunity for good promoters!

      The EuroBarre surfbar will grant you with bonus 15 000 points for joining the program. You will get 5 000 points on15th, 45th and75th day of being a member!
That is not all yet - you can also earn on:: mails, polls and games that are offered by the firm. There are plenty of opportunities!

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