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Eurobarre Members: 638 000

My Payout:
663,44 EUR


Installing the surfbar

      To start earning in EuroBarre you must download and install a program (surfbar) that will display advertisements.Click the banner below, it will redirect you to the firm website:

Click the Installer link on the EuroBarre webpage. The download of the application ebsetup.exe should begin. It is very small - 60 kB only.

      You must fill the registration form after installing the surfbar - in case you do not speak French, you can change the language to English by clicking the British flag.
The EuroBarre form has only few fields. Fill it as shown below:

rejestracja w eurobarre
If the image were too small, click here here to open in new window.

Remember to fill fields marked 1,2 and 3. Do not delete the long number in field #1, just fill 4-digits long code - it will be your password. Accept the changes with button #4 - it will create new account. All data will be sent in separate e-mail. It will include among other things:
  • Numero de compte : your account number
  • Code secret : your password
  • Lien de parrainage : your personal referring link
ATTENTION! It is very recommended to save data from the e-mail. It will be useful in case of reinstalling an OS, changing a computer and other.

      Points are added to your account just after accepting the data in the EuroBarre registration form. SurfBar is loaded automatically with Windows startup - it can be disabled with outside application or "msconfig".

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