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Eurobarre Members: 411 000

My Payout:
250,58 EUR



      Payouts from the EuroBarre are processed with checks (very unfomfortable), PayPal or MoneyBookers payment processor.

      MoneyBookers payment processor is one of the most popular tools used by an Internet earning person, because od its safety. It is widely used among German earning systems and bookmakers
MoneyBookers brought one formal requirement: the account owner must be al least 18 years old.
You do not have to be an owner of the account to receive payments via MoneyBookers! E-mail address is your account number, it means that you will receive an e-mail that there are money waiting for you. The money will be available after activating the account (or adding this e-mail address to existing account).

MoneyBookers fee is only 1% (but no more than 0.50 EURO). Check withdrawal fee is only 3.5 EURO, and bank transfer is only 1.8 EURO. There are no establishing and monthly fees!

Remember MoneyBookers allows only one account for each individual!

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