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Eurobarre Members: 638 000

My Payout:
663,44 EUR



zarabianie z eurobarre zarabianie z eurobarre zarabianie z eurobarre zarabianie z eurobarre zarabianie z eurobarre

      In the first days of each month the EuroBarre converts points according to the ratio. If your earnings from last month or few exceed 15 EURO (your account history can be checked in the Historique tab in the surfbar) you can request payout to your PayPal accoount!

To request payout, access your settings in the surfbar and then enter the Paiement tab. For members who request the payout for the first time filling the form as shown is needed:
payout eurobarre

The last step is confirming the request and choosing the payment processor. Choose your payment processor from the list ( i.e. Par PayPal) and accept it by clicking the Demander mon paiement button:

wypłata z Eurobarre

Next time you will request your payout you will have to choose your payment processor only.

Time needed to receive payout differs from few hours to few days.

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